Tye, Christopher (ca. 1505–ca. 1573)

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? A point
A point
Ad te clamamus
Alleluia [Verse: Per Te Dei]
? Amavit eum Dominus
? Ascendo ad patrem meum et patrem vestrum
Ave caput Christi
Blessed are all they that fear the Lord
Cantate Domino canticum novum cantate
Christ is risen again
Christus resurgens [2p. Dicant nunc Judaei]
Deliver us good Lord from eternal death
Domine Deus caelestis
Domine Deus caelestis - 1a pars (of 2): Domine Deus caelestis
Domine Deus caelestis - 2a pars (of 2): Da illi domine pectus tuo
Dum transisset sabbatum I
Dum transisset sabbatum II
Dum transisset sabbatum III
Dum transisset sabbatum IV
Et cum pronobis
Evening Service in G Minor: Magnificat
Evening Service in G minor: Nunc dimittis
Evening Service: Magnificat
Evening Service: Nunc dimittis
Evening Service: Nunc dimittis
From the depth I call on ye O Lord [de profundis]
Give alms of thy goods
Gloria laus
? Hodie Christus natus est nobis (= Ascendo ad patrem meum et patrem vestrum)
I am well pleased
I have loved
I lift my heart to thee (= Amavit eum Dominus)
I will exalt thee [= I will magnify thee]
If ye be risen again
In Nomine
In Nomine, ‘My farrewell’
In Nomine, ‘The flatts’
In nomine 'Believe me'
In nomine 'Crye'
In nomine 'Farewell my good one, for ever'
In nomine 'Free from all'
In nomine 'Hold fast'
In nomine 'I come'
In nomine 'My death bed'
In nomine 'Rachel's weeping'
In nomine 'Report'
In nomine 'Round'
In nomine 'Say so'
In nomine 'Seldom seen'
In nomine 'Surrexit non est hic'
In nomine 'Weep no more Rachel'
In nomine IX: 'Re la re'
In nomine XIII 'Trust'
In nomine XIV: 'Follow me'
In nomine XVI 'Blameless'
In nomine XVII
In nomine XXI
In nomine a4
In nomine a4
In pace in idipsum
In quo corriget
Laudes Deo
Magnificat a5: (exc) Quia fecit mihi magna
Magnificat: Et exultavit [K.1118]
Magnificat: Et exultavit [K.1119]
Miserere mei Deus
Missa Euge bone: Agnus dei
Missa Euge bone: Benedictus
Missa Euge bone: Credo
Missa Euge bone: Gloria
Missa Euge bone: Sanctus
Missa Sine nomine: Agnus Dei
Missa Sine nomine: Benedictus
Missa Sine nomine: Credo
Missa Sine nomine: Gloria
Missa Sine nomine: Sanctus
My trust, O Lord, in thee is grounded
? O Lord of hosts, thou God of Israel
O Lord, rebuke me not in thine indignation
O lux beata Trinitas
? O splendor gloriae
? O splendor gloriae: (trio: Quae sapientissimae)
Omnes gentes plaudite [2p. Psallite de nostro]
Peccavimus cum patribus nostris
Peccavimus cum patribus nostris
Praise the lord ye servants [= Praise ye the Lord ye children]
Quaesumus omnipotens
Rubum quem (A Singing Song)
Save me, O God, for thy name's sake
Sit fast
Sol mi ut
? Suub tuam protectionem
Te Deum laudamus
Tellus flumina From a lost sequence
The Western Wynde Mass: Agnus dei
The Western Wynde Mass: Benedictus
The Western Wynde Mass: Credo
The Western Wynde Mass: Gloria
The Western Wynde Mass: Sanctus
To Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Unde nostris From a lost 'Post partum virgo'
[Evening Service?]: O God, be merciful
? [When that the fifty day was come]
[unidentified mass]: Domine Deus rex caelestis
[untitled piece]