Project Team

DIAMM was founded by two leading musicologists in the field of Medieval Musicology, and has since grown to encompass scholars and researchers in wider musicological and technical disciplines:


Dr Margaret Bent CBE, FBA, All Souls College, Oxford
Professor Andrew Wathey, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, Northumbria University

DIAMM Committee

Nicolas Bell, Trinity College, Cambridge
Michael Burden, New College, Oxford, Head of dept, Faculty of Music
Julia Craig-McFeely, DIAMM Manager, Faculty of Music, Oxford
Helen Deeming, Dept of Music, Royal Holloway
Martin Holmes, Alfred Brendel Curator of Music, Bodleian Library, Oxford
Emma Jones, Finance Officer, Faculty of Music, Oxford
Christian Leitmeir, Magdalen College, Oxford
Owen Rees, The Queen's College, Oxford
Thomas Schmidt, Head of the Division of Art History, Drama and Music, University of Manchester


Jennifer Bain, Fountain School of Performing Arts, Dalhousie University
Stratton Bull, Alamire Foundation
David Catalunya, University of Würzburg
Matthew Cheung Salisbury, University College, Oxford
Mark Everist, University of Southampton
Dominique Gatté, Musicologie Médiévale
Debra Lacoste, Cantus Database, University of Waterloo
Jason Stoessel, University of New England, Australia

Technical Advisors

Michael Scott Cuthbert, MIT Music Theater and Arts
Ichiro Fujinaga, Chair of Music Technology, McGill University Schulich School of Music (SIMSSA)
Andrew Hankinson, Senior software engineer, Bodleian Libraries

Scholars Collaborating with DIAMM
Nicolas Bell, Trinity College, Cambridge (Tudor Partbooks)
Sean Curran, Trinity College, Cambridge (Montpellier MS)
Ichiro Fujinaga, Chair of Music Technology, McGill University Schulich School of Music (SIMSSA)
Martin Holmes, Alfred Brendel Music Librarian, Bodleian Library, Oxford (Tudor Partbooks)
Magnus Williamson, University of Newcastle upon Tyne (Tudor Partbooks)


Lynda Sayce

DIAMM Post-doctoral researcher

Matthias Range, Oxford

Tudor Partbooks Post-doctoral researcher

Katherine Butler, Faculty of Music, University of Oxford

Imaging technical support and equipment

ICAM Archive Systems, Blisworth, Northamptonshire