DIAMM Publications was set up to create facsimile publications of the highest quality without the price markup of conventional publishers. A selection of the manuscripts that have been digitally captured and are available online here have been transformed into facsimile publications of the highest quality These are new scholarly editions with extensive introductions and commentaries by leading musicologists. High-quality colour printing is expensive, and the price only comes down when doing runs of tens of thousands, for publications like glossy exhibition catalogues. With runs of a few hundred the unit cost is dramatically higher, but we felt that if we could produce publications without the usual overheads of a publishing house (office costs, phone bills, support staff etc.) then we could create books that were affordable by individuals and particularly research libraries whose budgets have seriously diminished in the last few years. The profit margin on our publications is therefore extremely small, and is used only to subsidize future publications. All income is spent on the actual cost of photography, printing and binding. Nothing is spent on marketing, advertising, office management, salaries etc. All these costs are met by private sponsorship or the necessary time is given voluntarily.

This means we're a very small outfit, and we produce only about one book a year (or less). Of the nine publications and one collaborative publication we've produced, three have won the AMS Claude V. Palisca prize (Bologna Q15 (in collaboration with LIM Editrice), The Eton Choirbook and the Ferrell-Vogüé Machaut Manuscript); an enviable record for such a small publisher!

To date, nine titles have been published – all available for sale in our online store – and there are plans to publish new facsimiles including the Old Hall Manuscript, the Carver Choirbook, The Sadler Partbooks, The Baldwin Partbooks, The Caius Choirbook, and more.

Postage and packing charges

For all deliveries  postage and packing will be calculated during the checkout process. The charges range from £4.00 to £70 depending on the weight of the book and the destination country. Unfortunately shipping outside the UK has increased dramatically in the last few years.

DIAMM facsimiles are also stocked by OMI - Old Manuscripts and Incunabula (New York).


Booksellers and libraries can purchase DIAMM Publications at bookseller discount rate by by emailing  Purchasers will be issued with an invoice once their order is accepted.

For telephone enquiries the DIAMM office number is +44 (0)1865 241323 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Course tutors and bulk purchases

Bulk discounts are available on all titles. Please contact directly if you would like to arrange a special discount either for yourself or for students on a course you are teaching.

List of publications

Title Prices
The Ferrell-Vogüé Machaut MS
Purchase Regular Price £560
Purchase Seconds (without slipcase) £420
The Eton Choirbook
Purchase Buckram binding £180
Purchase Seconds (may be slightly bumped) £100
Henry VIII Manuscript
Purchase Regular Price £120
Purchase Seconds £70
The Dow Partbooks
Purchase Regular Price £200
Purchase Seconds £100
Byrd Masses for 3, 4, 5 Voices
Purchase Regular Price £25
Purchase Seconds (without slipcase) £15
The Anne Boleyn Music Book
Purchase Available only from the RCM shop £70
William Byrd Cantiones Sacrae 1591
Purchase Facsimile in 6 partbooks, limp binding, monochrome reproduction of the original print (without slipcase) £30
William Byrd Cantiones Sacrae 1589
Purchase Facsimile in 5 partbooks, limp binding, monochrome reproduction of the original print (without slipcase) £30
Byrd and Tallis Cantiones Sacrae 1575
Purchase 6 partbooks, limp binding (without slipcase) £30