Grant Applications

DIAMM welcomes collaborations with projects in which image acquisition by DIAMM is either purchased following a successful grant application, cited in the application process. Outsourcing your imaging needs ensures that your time is spent doing the work that you and your researchers are best qualified to do, and leaves imaging to a specialist who will ensure you receive the best possible quality of images, that meet your needs ideally.

We are available to consult on grant applications for projects in which you either intend to use DIAMM as your image supplier, or for projects where you would use other suppliers but require guidance on completing the technical parts of the application form. If you intend to use DIAMM to create your digital images you may simply cite DIAMM as the image-supplier or imaging consultant, as long as you have checked with us first to ensure we are able to undertake your work, and that the document-owners concerned will allow us to work with their documents.

DIAMM has currently made 7 successful grant applications to three funding bodies, in the UK and the USA. We would normally charge for consultancy time required to prepare text for a grant application.

If you would like to enquire further about your requirements, or about a project that you are planning, please contact the Project Manager, Julia Craig-McFeely.