Sources of British Song, c. 1150–1300

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The Sources of British Song, c.1150-1300 is an online resource for the study of manuscripts of medieval song, in particular those written in Britain in the later twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It makes available to scholars, students and performers high-quality digital images of the original manuscripts of song, accompanied by up-to-date source descriptions and specialised analyses of their musical notations. Many of the manuscripts remain little known, and over half the surviving songs have never before been published.

This online resource forms a companion to an edition of the songs, Songs in British Sources, c.1150-1300, edited by Helen Deeming and published in Musica Britannica, vol.95 (London, 2013), which makes the edited repertoire available as a whole for the first time. This project was made possible with financial support from the British Academy, the Music & Letters Trust, and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Project Director: Helen Deeming; Project Assistants: Samantha Blickhan and Amy Williamson.


The scholarly annotations are in the form of PDF files, which may be accessed directly via the lists below. Access to the images is restricted to registered DIAMM users; registration is free and can be found here. Users must be logged in to DIAMM to view the images. It is recommended that the PDF annotations be used in conjunction with the Textual Commentary on each song in Songs in British Sources, c.1150-1300, Musica Britannica 95 (referred to hereafter as MB95).

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Note: The creation of this resource is currently in progress (November 2020). Annotations and images will be added as they become available.