We are enormously grateful to a range of individuals who have contributed with great generosity as advisors since the start of the project. In addition to the members of the International Advisory Board, we would also like to thank:

  • Giuliano di Bacco, Università di Bologna
  • Giulio Cattin, Università di Padua
  • Tim Crawford, King’s College, London
  • Stephen Downey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Ichiro Fujinaga, McGill University, Canada
  • Martin Kirnbauer, University of Basle
  • Suzanne Lodato, USA
  • Charles Oppenheim, Loughborough University
  • Giovanni Varelli, Italy
  • Agostino Ziino, Università di Roma
  • Academic collaborators Workgroup Participants

DIAMM would also like to thank the following for their participation in workshops, focus groups and other working groups:

  • Tom Brown
  • Arianna Ciula
  • Alastair Dunning
  • Kah-Ming Ng
  • Tod Olson
  • Nikoleta Pappa
  • Jan Rae
  • John Rink
  • Orietta da Rold
  • Paul Rouse
  • Danae Stephanou
  • Simon Tanner
  • Meg Twycross
  • Claire Warwick
  • Sarah Wickham
  • Jane Winters