Florence (Firenze)



Organizations are corporate entities that have been involved in the history of a source, typically as an owner, creator, or seller.

Basilica of Santa Maria del Santo Spirito
Biblioteca Laurenziana
Church of San Lorenzo
church of S. Lucia de Magnolis
Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova


Sources that have had their origins in this city.

US-Cn Case MS VM1578.M91 [Discantus]
GB-Lbl Egerton 3051
I-CTb MS 96
I-Bc Q.132
I-Ma MS S.P.II.5
US-Wc M2.1.M6 Case (Wolffheim Fragment)
I-CNM s.s. (2) (uncertain)
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.100
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.101
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.102
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.123
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.124
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.125
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.165
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.166
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.167
I-Fd MS 49
I-Fsl MS C
I-Fsl MS N
I-Fsl MS O
I-Fn MS II.III.438
I-Fn MS II.III.440
I-CTb MS 95
I-Fc MS Basevi 2440
I-Fc MS Basevi 2442 [Discantus] (Chansonnier Strozzi)
I-Fd MS 21, Parte V
B-Bcx MS 27511 [Altus]
B-Bcx MS 27511 [Bassus]
I-Fd MS 21
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.121
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.176
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.178
I-Fn MS Banco Rari 229
I-Fn MS II.I.232
I-Fn MS Banco Rari 337
I-Fn MS II.I.350
B-Bcx MS 24135
B-Bcx MS 27511 [Discantus]
B-Bcx MS 27731
B-Bcx MS 27766
I-Fn MS II.I.285
I-Fn MS II.III.437
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.99
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.111 [Discantus]
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.112 [Discantus]
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.122
I-Fc MS Basevi 2495 [Discantus]
I-Fd MS 4
I-Fd MS 11
I-Fd MS 13
I-Fd MS 14
I-Fd MS 21
I-Fd MS 27
I-Fd MS 28
I-Fd MS 45
I-Fd MS 46
I-Fl MS Mediceo Palatino 7
US-NH Miscellaneous MS 179 (uncertain)
F-Pn nouvelles acquisitions françaises 1817
I-Rv S1 36
I-Rv S1 38
I-Rv S1 39
I-Rv S1 40
I-Fl MS Ashb. 999
I-Fc MS Basevi 2495 [Tenor]
I-Fc MS Basevi 2495 [Bassus]
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.111 [Altus]
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.111 [Tenor]
US-Cn Case MS VM1578.M91 [Tenor]
US-Cn Case MS VM1578.M91 [Bassus]
US-Cn Case MS VM1578.M91 [Quintus]