Florence (Firenze)



Sources that have had their origins in this city.

I-Rv S1 37
US-Cn Case MS VM1578.M91 [Discantus]
I-Fd MS 21
GB-Lbl Egerton 3051
I-CTb MS 96
I-Bc Q.132
I-Ma MS S.P.II.5
US-Wc M2.1.M6 Case (Wolffheim Fragment)
I-CNM s.s. (2) (uncertain)
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.100
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.101
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.102
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.123
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.124
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.125
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.165
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.166
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.167
I-Fd MS 49
I-Fsl MS C
I-Fsl MS N
I-Fsl MS O
I-Fn MS II.III.438
I-Fn MS II.III.440
I-CTb MS 95
I-Fc MS Basevi 2440
I-Fc MS Basevi 2442 [Discantus] (Chansonnier Strozzi)
I-Fd MS 21, Parte V
B-Bcx MS 27511 [Altus]
B-Bcx MS 27511 [Bassus]
I-Fd MS 21
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.121
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.176
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.178
I-Fn MS Banco Rari 229
I-Fn MS II.I.232
I-Fn MS Banco Rari 337
I-Fn MS II.I.350
B-Bcx MS 24135
B-Bcx MS 27511 [Discantus]
B-Bcx MS 27731
B-Bcx MS 27766
I-Fn MS II.I.285
I-Fn MS II.III.437
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.99
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.111 [Discantus]
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.112 [Discantus]
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.122
I-Fc MS Basevi 2495 [Discantus]
I-Fd MS 4
I-Fd MS 11
I-Fd MS 13
I-Fd MS 14
I-Fd MS 27
I-Fd MS 28
I-Fd MS 45
I-Fd MS 46
I-Fl MS Mediceo Palatino 7
US-NH Miscellaneous MS 179 (uncertain)
F-Pn nouvelles acquisitions françaises 1817
I-Rv S1 36
I-Rv S1 38
I-Rv S1 39
I-Rv S1 40
I-Fl MS Ashb. 999
I-Fc MS Basevi 2495 [Tenor]
I-Fc MS Basevi 2495 [Bassus]
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.111 [Altus]
I-Fn MS Magl. XIX.111 [Tenor]
US-Cn Case MS VM1578.M91 [Tenor]
US-Cn Case MS VM1578.M91 [Bassus]
US-Cn Case MS VM1578.M91 [Quintus]