Gibbons, Orlando (ca. 1583–1625)

Composition Appears in
?Second Preces; Psalm for Easter Day I will give thanks
?fragment in score of O thou the central orb
Almighty and everlasting God
Behold I bring you Glad tydings
Behold thou hast made my dayes
Blessed are all they
First Preces; Psalm for Whitsun
Glorious and powerful God
If ye be risen again with Christ
If ye then be risen with Christ (Anthem for Easter Day)
In nomine a5
Kyrie eleison
O God who unto thy church
O clap your hands together
? Out of the deep (f6)
Preces and Psalms for Whitsun 145
Preces with two different Gloria Patri
Psalm for Easter Day evening I will give thanks
Second Preces and Psalm, for Evensong on Whitsunday Psalm 145:1-14; here designated as: ffirst Preces / ffirst Psalme
Second Service (for verses): M / N
Second Service: Magnificat
Second Service: Nunc dimittis
See, see, the Word is incarnate
Short [First] Service: Benedictus (Canticle)
Short [First] Service: Creed
Short [First] Service: Jubilate
Short [First] Service: Kyrie
Short [First] Service: Magnificat [also R7]
Short [First] Service: Nunc dimittis
Short [First] Service: Responses to the Commandments
Short [First] Service: T / B / K / C / M / N
Short [First] Service: Te Deum
Short [First] Service: Te Deum, adap. to Latin
Short [First] Service: Venite
Sing unto the Lord
The first London cry - 1a pars (of 2): God give you good morrow, my masters
The first London cry - 2a pars (of 2): Will you go with me
This is the record of John
We praise thee O father