Hooper, Edmund

Composition Appears in
Beholde, it is Christ
Collect for Christmas Day: Almighty God, which hast given us
Collect for the Circumcision: Almighty God, which madst thy blessed son
Et in terra pax [Gloria]
Full Great Service: Magnificat
Full Great Service: Nunc dimittis
Hearken ye nations
I will always give thanks
? If women could be fair
In nomine V
? Lett thy mercyfull eares = O how glorious art thou
O God of gods
O Lord in thee is all my trust
O Lord, turn not away thy face
? O thou God almighty (5 voc.)
Omnem veritatem
Sanctus and Gloria
Short Service: Magnificat
Short Service: Nunc dimittis
Submit yourselves
Teach me thy way, O Lord
The blessed lamb (Anthem for Good Friday)
Verse Service: Magnificat
Verse Service: Nunc dimittis