Parsley [Percely], Osbert

Composition Appears in
Conserva me Domine
Conserva me Domine (extract: Benedicam Domino)
Conserva me Domine (extract: Multiplicatae sunt infirmitates)
Conserva me Domine (extract: opening duo)
De nomine Jesu
First, Flat, Short Service: Benedictus (Canticle)
First, Flat, Short Service: Te Deum
In Nomine of 5 parts upon 5 minims
In nomine
In nomine a4
In nomine a4
In nomine a5
Mem: Cui comparabo [Lamentations]
O praise the Lord all ye heathen
Salvator mundi
Service in C Major: Benedictus (Canticle)
Service in C Major: Magnificat
Service in C Major: Nunc dimittis
Service in C Major: Te Deum
Spes nostra
Super septem planetarum
The song upon the dial
Ut re fa so la upon the dial = Parsley's clock