Archives are the current holding institutions of sources.

All Souls College (GB-Oas)
Bodleian Library (GB-Ob)
Brasenose College (GB-Obc)
Christ Church (GB-Och)
Corpus Christi College (GB-Occ)
Lincoln College (GB-Olc)
Magdalen College (GB-Omc)
Merton College (GB-Ome)
New College (GB-Onc)
Private owner (contact DIAMM) (GB-Odiamm)
St John’s College (GB-Ojc)
Trinity College (GB-Otc)
University College (GB-Ouc)
Worcester College (GB-Owc)


Organizations are corporate entities that have been involved in the history of a source, typically as an owner, creator, or seller.

All Souls College
Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church College
Keble College
Lincoln College
New College
New College chapel
Oxford University Music School