Archives are the current holding institutions of sources.

All Souls College (GB-Oas)
Bodleian Library (GB-Ob)
Brasenose College (GB-Obnc)
Christ Church (GB-Och)
Corpus Christi College (GB-Occ)
Lincoln College (GB-Olc)
Magdalen College (GB-Omc)
Merton College (GB-Omec)
New College (GB-Onc)
Private owner (contact DIAMM) (GB-Odiamm)
St John’s College (GB-Ojc)
Trinity College Library (GB-Otc)
University College (GB-Ouc)
Worcester College (GB-Owc)


Organizations are corporate entities that have been involved in the history of a source, typically as an owner, creator, or seller.

All Souls College
Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church College
Greyfriars Abbey
Keble College
Lincoln College
New College
New College chapel
Oxford University Music School