Det Arnamagnæanske Institut (DK-Kar)

Copenhagen (København), Denmark

Archive website: Det Arnamagnæanske Institut

Sources in this Archive

  Source name Date Type Surface
DK-Kar MS AM 76, 8º 15th century collection of theory treatises, spiritual lyrics, Psalms, and some songs with music Paper
DK-Kar MS AM 80, 8° 15th century (1473) chant book with added polyphony Parchment
DK-Kar MS AM 102, 8° 17th century mainly monophonic songs with some polyphony -
DK-Kar MS AM 240, 8° 18th century songs and psalm texts Paper
DK-Kar MS AM 687B, 4° 15th to 16th century non-music MS with interpolated music Parchment
DK-Kar MS Ny kgl. Saml. 139b, 4° 17th century poems, melodies, psalm texts, spiritual lyrics Paper
DK-Kar MS Rask 98 17th century mainly monophonic songs with polyphony -