Biblioteca Comunale Augusta (I-PEc)

Perugia, Italy

Archive website: Biblioteca Comunale Augusta

Sources in this Archive

  Source name Date Type Surface
I-PEc MS 431 (G 20) 1480-90 manuscript of polyphony Paper
I-PEc MS 1013 (M 36) 1509 treatises on music and calligraph, with polyphonic examples Paper
I-PEc MS 3065 (Mancini Codex or Lucca Codex) 14th - 15th century fragment Parchment
I-PEc MS 3299 (10) n.d. fragment -
I-PEc MS 3409/1 c. 1400 no description -
I-PEc MS I.M. 1079 (1-3) First half of 16th century partbook Paper