The Organa and Clausulae of MS I-Fl Pluteus 29.1

The annotated transcriptions of the first five fascicles of the Florence Codex offered here grew over many years. They originated out of my own curiosity in assessing and interpreting the contents of this most extensive of all the manuscript sources of 'Notre Dame' music. In their present state they are intended primarily as a set of resources for scholars and performers.

I have attempted here to present the music as compactly and in as visually pleasing a fashion as I could muster. Of course, these examples do not come close to including the same range of information as in the complete critical edition of the Magnus Liber Organi published by L’Oiseau-Lyre. Nevertheless, despite the fact that they engage with the main content of the first five volumes of the MLO series, I would hope that users may find these documents worthwhile in terms of portraying the differing ways editors might respond to the material at hand.

Please acknowledge any re-use or reproduction of the work included in these files.

Full Introduction

Symbols and Abbreviations (updated 16 August 2021)

Fascicle 1: Organa, Conductus a4, Clausulae a4 and a3

Fascicle 2: Organa, Clausulae a3 (updated 3 December 2021)

Fascicle 3: MLO: Office, Processional, Benedicamus Domino Organa, Clausulae a2

Fascicle 4: MLO: Mass Organa a2

Fascicle 5: Clausulae a2

Fascicle 6: First conductus fascicle (added August 2022)

In addition to the musical transcriptions, fascicle 6 includes the newly edited texts of the pieces, presented separately with translations and extensive commentaries, as well as some reports on variants with the main sources used for the transcriptions.  It is therefore more of an “edition” than my transcriptions of fascicles 1-5, but does not include complete critical reports of sources unless they were missing or unknown from Gordon Anderson’s conductus edition.

Most of the symbols and abbreviations used in this document are the same as those encountered in the first 5 fascicles.  New bibliography and MS sources are given full citations and shelfmarks for at least their first instances.