Trinity College (GB-Ctc)

Cambridge, England

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Sources in this Archive

  Source name Date Type Surface
GB-Ctc B.10.5 15th century fragments (parchment strips) Parchment
GB-Ctc B.11.34 Early 15th century fragment Parchment
GB-Ctc O.2.1 14th century: c 1300 (the music pages) non-music MS with interpolated music Other
GB-Ctc O.3.55 13th century chant manuscript with one monophonic song -
GB-Ctc O.3.58 (Agincourt Roll) Early 15th century rotulus Parchment
GB-Ctc R.2.71 15th century: c. 1465-85 fragment Paper
GB-Ctc R.14.26 first quarter of the 15th century non-music MS with fragment on one folio Mixed Paper and Parchment