St John's College (GB-Cjc)

Cambridge, England

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Sources in this Archive

  Source name Date Type Surface
GB-Cjc MS 23 (B.1) Early 14th century fragment (flyleaf) Parchment
GB-Cjc MS 84 (D.9) Mid-14th century fragment Parchment
GB-Cjc MS 102 (D.27) 14th century: c. 1398 consuetudinary with interpolated music Vellum
GB-Cjc MS 138 (F.1) Late 13th century non-music MS with interpolated music Parchment
GB-Cjc MS 234 (K.31) c. 1525-30 partbook Parchment
GB-Cjc MS 262 14th century Hymnal with added polyphony -
GB-Cjc MS E.8 13th century monophonic song fragment -