Two new sources notified by Paul Shannon

Posted: Oct. 10, 2019 by Julia Craig-McFeely

Two new sources have been added to the database, notified by Paul Shannon, with images on eCodices. The polyphony is insubstantial; the sources can be examined online by following the links below.

  • CH-Bu F.III.33, 57v–58r, 59v–60r & 61v, rough ars antiqua notation in a practised hand, written in dry-point in the blank lower margin of the leaves, c. 1300. The 13th-century manuscript contains astrological writings and comes from the chain library of the Dominican Convent in Basel.
  • CH-P Ms. 17, 51v–52v, Mt 2:1–12 set for 3 voices; the last 8 notes of every 'verse' is polyphonic. 16th-century, according to Rudolf Gamper & Romain Jurot, Catalogue des manuscrits médiévaux conservés à Porrentruy et dans le canton du Jura (Dietikon, 1999), p. 79.