74 new works added to Bob Mitchell's Trent Codices editions

Posted: Sept. 18, 2019 by Julia Craig-McFeely

Number 62-135 of Bob Mitchell's editions of Trent 89 have been added to the music editions resources today.

This instalment of the Trent 89 edition presents most of the Magnificat settings from the manuscript, and also the remaining pieces therein apart from secular works and likely contrafacta of secular pieces. Most of the works following the Magnificats here are therefore miscellaneous chant settings and Vespers hymn settings.

Out of the fifteen Magnificats in Trent 89, four particularly stand out as examples of high quality work. Firstly, the Tone I Magnificat on ff. 394v-396r is significant in view of its modern-looking four-voice texture and likely quotation of a little secular material. However, this piece is given in the Trent 91 edition since it seems to be part of an anonymous composer group which is largely contained in that manuscript.1 Secondly, the Tone IV setting no. 62 is equally noteworthy since it abounds in imitative invention, melodic sequence and detailed rhythmic work. This could well be a work of Touront in view of similarities to other works that are attributable to him.2 Thirdly, I cite the Touront Tone VI setting (no. 75) which is only represented in Trent 89 by a small phrase copied at the end of the manuscript. This too is full of imitative and sequential devices, and it may have spawned imitations. Fourth, the well-distributed Dufay Tone III/IV setting no. 67 is outstanding because of its clear harmonies and elegant trio sections...

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