Dean and Chapter Library (GB-WOc)

Worcester, England

Archive website: Dean and Chapter Library

Sources in this Archive

  Source name Date Type Surface
GB-WOc Add. 68 (Worcester fragments) 14th century: c.1300 flyleaves, fragments Parchment
GB-WOc F 37 14th century: c.1300 chant manuscript Parchment
GB-WOc F 44 14th century: c.1300 chant manuscript Wood
GB-WOc F 120 14th century: c.1300 fragments ( offsets ) Wood
GB-WOc F 160 n.d. chant book with added polyphony Parchment
GB-WOc F 173 12th century chant manuscript Parchment
GB-WOc Q 19 13th century fragment Other
GB-WOc Q 31 14th century: c.1300 fragment ( offset ) Wood
GB-WOc Q 61 15th century: c.1450-1550 fragment Vellum
GB-WOc Q 72 14th century? fragments (offsets) Parchment