Trinity College Library (IRL-Dtc)

Dublin, Ireland

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Sources in this Archive

  Source name Date Type Surface
IRL-Dtc [pr. bk.] Kk.k.55 Early 16th century: 1504 chant book with added polyphony Parchment
IRL-Dtc MS 158 15th century fragment Paper
IRL-Dtc MS 270 15th century fragment Parchment
IRL-Dtc MS 278 Prob. Late 16th - 17th century non-music MS with interpolated music Other
IRL-Dtc MS 412 (St. Andrews Psalter or Wode Partbooks) 1562-92, with early 17th century additions partbook Paper
IRL-Dtc MS 432 13th century monophonic song leaves in a larger MS -
IRL-Dtc MS 444 Late 15th to Early 16th century non-music MS with interpolated music Parchment
IRL-Dtc MS 519 Early 14th century fragment ( flyleaves ) Parchment