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Source: F-PN Coll. Roths, MS 2973

manuscript of polyphony , 1470-7; provenance: France, 'Cordiforme Chansonnier; Chansonnier de Jean de Montchenu'

Bibliothèque Nationale [F-PN]
Coll. Roths, MS 2973 [olim: shelf mark: 1.5.13]

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FromCensus-Catalogue of Manuscript Sources of Polyphonic Music 1400-1550 5 vols., Renaissance Manuscript Studies (Neuhausen-Stuttgart: American Institute of Musicology, Hänssler Verlag, 1979-1988) Vol. 3, p. 35 and Vol. 4, p. 464

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30 French secular pieces, 14 Italian secular pieces = 44

(Barbingant/Fedé)-1, (Bedingham)-1, (Bedingham/Dufay)-1, (Bedingham/Dunstable)-1, (Binchois)-1, (Binchois/Dufay)-1, (Binchois/Frye)-1, (Busnois)-2, (Busnois/Caron)-1, (Cornago)-2, (Dufay)-2 + 1?, (Hayne van Ghizeghem)-1, (Morton)-2, (Ockeghem)-2, (Vincenet)-1, anon-23

72 parchment folios in shape of a single heart when book is closed and of two joined hearts when book is open, 185 (along spine) x 160 (across lobes of heart). Original ink foliation, 1-68 (first four folios unnumbered; = "A-D" in KottC). Ff. 64'-68' blank. Original red velvet covers; binding and folios edged with gold. Original index on ff. A-C'. Copied by a single scribe. Illuminated miniatures, initials, and floral borders. Coat of arms of Jean de Montchenu (see below) on f. D; ex libris and coat of arms of later owner "Pucci" inside front cover.

1470-7 (KottU). Copied in Savoy; compiled for Jean de Montchenu, a soldier and priest (later Bishop of Viviers) serving as Vicar-General and Councillor to Jean-Louis de Savoie, Bishop of Geneva. Subsequently owned by "Pucci," a Maltese nobleman. Listed in 19th-century library catalogues of Chédeau and Baron Jérôme Pichon (PicotC). Later acquired by the Paris banker Nathan James Edouard, Baron de Rothschild (1844-81), whose library went to his son Henri; passed to Bibliothèque Nationale in 1933.

Vol 4

Composers: Add "(Regis)-1"; change "anon-23" to "anon-22."

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France , Savoy
black void mensural


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Table of contents

  • View 34v-35 Sancte speculum trinitatis = Fortune par ta cruaulte   - Johannes Vincenet (Vicenot; Vincentius du Bruequet)


Persons and places
  • commissioned/made for: Jean de Montchenu (soldier and priest (later Bishop of Viviers) serving as Vicar-General and Councillor to Jean-Louis de Savoie, Bishop of Geneva)
  • owner: Pucci (Maltese nobleman)
  • owner: Chedeau library
  • owner: Baron Jerome Pichon
  • owner: Nathan James Edouard, Baron de Rothschild (1844-81) (Paris banker)