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Source: GB-Llp MS 1

complete MS choirbook , Late 1520's; provenance: England, 'Lambeth Choirbook; Arundel Choirbook'

Lambeth Palace Library [GB-Llp]
MS 1
Late 1520's

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CMME online edition

Census Catalogue Description:

FromCensus-Catalogue of Manuscript Sources of Polyphonic Music 1400-1550 5 vols., Renaissance Manuscript Studies (Neuhausen-Stuttgart: American Institute of Musicology, Hänssler Verlag, 1979-1988) Vol. 2, p. 112

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7 Masses, 4 Magnificats, 8 motets = 19

Fayrfax-8, (Lambe)-1, (Ludford)-2, Sturton [Stourton]-1, anon-7

ii paper + 95 parchment + ii paper folios, 665-8 x 465-70. Modern ink foliation, 2-93 (omits first original folio; numbers on f. 1 and f. 94 no longer visible). Pagination begins on verso of first original folio, but stops with "6." Modern covers of tan leather on wooden boards, with five metal bosses front and back; on spine, in gold letters, is inscription "ANTHEM BOOK." No index. Black mensural notation with red and black void coloration, except for piece on ff. 50'-53, in white mensural notation.

The scribe was probably Edward Higgons, who also copied CambriU Caius 667 (ChewP). Initials and decorative marginalia illuminated in gold, with backgrounds of pink, blue, orange, red, yellow, and pale green. Similar illumination style and same pictorial and heraldic motifs also found in CambriU Caius 667 (possible relationships between the two manuscripts discussed in ChewP).

Late 1520's. Probably copied and used at St. Stephen's, Westminster, though alternative origins have been proposed (ChewP). Came to Lambeth Palace Library in 17th century. Collection transferred to Cambridge in 1648; returned to Lambeth Palace in 1664.

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England , Westminster? , St. Stephen's?
Black full mensural notation with red and black void colouration


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Table of contents

  • View 1 0v-8 Mass Tecum principium   - Robert Fayrfax (Fayrefax, Fairfax)
  • View 2 08v-16 Mass O quam glorifica   - Robert Fayrfax (Fayrefax, Fairfax)
  • View 3 16v-24 Mass Albanus   - Robert Fayrfax (Fayrefax, Fairfax)
  • View 4 24v-32 Mass Benedicta et venerabilis   - Nicholas Ludford (Ludforde, Ludforth)
  • View 5 32v-35 Salve regina mater misericordiae
  • View 6 35v-38 Ave Dei patris filia
  • View 7 38v-41 Magnificat anima mea Dominum
  • View 8 41v-44 Magnificat anima mea Dominum
  • View 9 44v-45 Vidi aquam egredientem de templo
  • View 10 45v-49 Ave mundi spes Maria
  • View 11 49v-52 Gaude flore virginali
  • View 12 52v-56 O Maria plena gratiae   - Walter Lambe
  • View 13 56v-59 Aeternae laudis lilium   - Robert Fayrfax (Fayrefax, Fairfax)
  • View 14 59v-63 Ave Maria ancilla trinitatis   - Sturton (Stourton)
  • View 15 63v-66 Magnificat O bone Jesu   - Robert Fayrfax (Fayrefax, Fairfax)
  • View 16 66v-69 Magnificat Regali   - Robert Fayrfax (Fayrefax, Fairfax)
  • View 17 70v-78 Mass O Bone Jesu   - Robert Fayrfax (Fayrefax, Fairfax)
  • View 18 78v-86 Mass Regali ex progenie   - Robert Fayrfax (Fayrefax, Fairfax)
  • View 19 86v-94 Mass Lapidaverunt Stephanum   - Nicholas Ludford (Ludforde, Ludforth)


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  • Copyist:? Edward Higgons (text and music)
Persons and places
  • ? copied at: St. Stephen's, Westminster

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