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Item: A-Wn Cod. 11778 Han no. 3 f. 41v-62

Missa Gaudeamus
Position in Source
No. 3, fol(s)/pages 41v-62
?Jean de Ockeghem (Johannes, Jehan, Okeghem, Hocquegam, Okegus etc)view / Josquin Despres (d'Ascanio)view
Genre and work type
  • Mass Ordinary
Related works
  • Mass Ordinary: Missa Gaudeamus 4.2
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    • Missa Gaudeamus: Agnus Dei II
Concordances and cognates
  • CH-Bu MS F.IX.25a No. 2
  • D-Ju MS 32 No. 12

Incipit and full text - Original Spelling

Voice Texts Clef Mensuration Language Incipit
Latin Missa Gaudeamus 4.2
Full Text (Original)
Full Text (Standardised)

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