Digital Restoration Workbook

An introduction to digital restoration techniques using high resolution digital images.

Workbook CoverThe DIAMM Digital Restoration Workbook was written in response to a demand for information about digital restoration techniques demonstrated by Dr Craig-McFeely at various conferences and other venues. With the financial and administrative support of the AHRC ICT Methods Network a workshop was organised in June 2006 for which this textbook was printed. The printed copies are sold out, but as it was prepared as press-ready pdf this has now been made available for download. The copy supplied is at print resolution so that the colour images can be clearly read both on screen and when printed.

The book utilises samples and images drawn from the DIAMM collection, and the images were used by the workshop participants. Due to rights restrictions the images are only available for demonstration purposes and are therefore not available for download. However, access to the images shown in the workbook, and the samples prepared for the workshop is not essential to an understanding of the techniques described, which can easily be applied to any image of suitable type and resolution. The workbook has proved a useful starting point for dealing with images of damaged documents for
researchers in many fields, both those with prior experience of digital restoration and those who have never attempted to adjust an image.

The techniques described make use of Adobe Photoshop, and do not require more than a fairly basic knowledge of the software in order to understand the descriptions. Those unfamiliar with Photoshop may need a little while to familiarise themselves with the software interface before embarking on restoration work using the workbook, but should find the information in the workbook helpful in understanding and accessing the various tools available. All the images in the book are copyright and may not be reproduced except for
personal research purposes. The workbook may be downloaded on the understanding that it is only reproduced for personal use: it may not be reprinted and sold or otherwise distributed by a third party.

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