Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music

Website Help

Below are some hints and tips for getting started with the DIAMM website. If you have a question not covered in this guide or the FAQ, please get in contact with us via email.

Browsing and searching the database

If you know the city, library, or siglum, use the list browser.
If you want to browse holdings of a particular country, city, or library, use the faceted browser.
If you would like to search by particular criteria, use the advanced search.
Details on how to use all of these functions are below.

The list browser

You may enter text from the city, library name, or siglum in the search box and click ‘Find’. For instance, you may type 1760 to find GB-Cambridge, Magdalene College, MS 1760. Typing Cambridge will find all Cambridge manuscripts, likewise Magdalene. To find any further appearances click the button again. You may also scroll through the list to find what you are looking for.

Please note: Search results will include literally every instance of the search string: for instance 17 will find all instances both of 17 but also 1760; equally Magdalen will find both that term and Magdalene. The search feature does not yet work in Chrome; you may browse freely or use the standard Find feature (Ctrl-F or equivalent) of the browser instead.

The list is ordered alphabetically first by city (RISM), library name, and then by siglum.

The faceted browser

Advanced search

This function is best if you are looking for items (i.e. works) or sources (i.e. manuscripts) which correspond to one or more criteria. To add the first term, select the category from the drop-down menu (which defaults to ‘country’), and enter the search text. The system will try to auto-complete your entry. To use more than one search term or more than one category, click the small grey plus (+) sign at left. This will create an additional row for filling.