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John Milsom, English Polyphonic Style in Transition: a study of the sacred music of Thomas Tallis (DPhil, University of Oxford, 1983)

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This study is concerned with the style (as opposed to the function) of English vocal polyphony during the period c.1525 – c.1575. It focusses on the sacred works of Thomas Tallis (ca.1505 – 1585); but the aim is as much to come nearer to a full understanding of mid-Tudor stylistic evolution as it is to define the place of Tallis’ music within the broad context. Tallis is therefore viewed both as an individual and as a representative of his time,and his music is assessed analytically rather than critically.

Table of Contents
Volume 1
1. Tallis and his Context
2. The Chronology and Transmission of Tallis’ Vocal Music
3. Foreign Music and Musicians in Mid-Tudor England
4. The Evolution of Vocal Chamber Style: studies in the Henrician partsong
5. Tallis and the ‘Art of Imitation’, ca.1525-ca.1560
6. Substance and Structure in Tallis’ Late Works, ca.1560-1575
Volume 2
Appendixes to Chapters 2-6
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Bibliography (alphabetical by short-reference symbol