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Margaret Bent, The Old Hall Manuscript: a palaeographical study (PhD, University of Cambridge, 1968)

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[from the Preface:] Nearly everything that has been written about the organisation and origins of the Old Hall manuscript (OH) has rested upon certain assumptions about the quiring of the manuscript and the identity of the scribes. These assumptions originate in casual or unscientific descriptions in the writings of Barclay Squire, Ramsbotham and Dom Anselm Hughes, and while many other things have been questioned, new theories have been constantly re-erected on the same foundations. It seemed to me that the only way of testing any of these hypotheses and, should they be found wanting, of seeking substitutes for them, was to start afresh on the manuscript itself.
Table of Contents
List of plates
General note
Chapter I: The ownership of the manuscript
Chapter II: External palaeographical features
Chapter III: Internal palaeographical features
Chapter IV: Notational usage
Chapter V: Dating the second layer
Chapter VI: Dating the first layer
Appendix: Musica ficta
Index of Manuscripts
Index of Proper Names and Titles