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Curtis-Wathey Handlist of Fifteenth-Century Liturgical Music

Fifteenth-Century English Liturgical Music: A List Of The Surviving Repertory

Gareth Curtis and Andrew Wathey

PDF Link: Curtis-Wathey handlist (0.5 MB)
This document is an electronic version of an article that first appeared in the Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle (27: 1994), and is reproduced by permission.

Responsibility for keeping the list up to date has now passed to the editoral committee of Early English Church Music. Editions which have been published since the original article are highlighted in red. While every effort has been made to ensure that the text has been accurately reproduced, some errors may still remain. The committee would be pleased to hear of any addenda or corrigenda, and ask that these are submitted to Professor Peter Wright of the University of Nottingham and Timothy Symons, who maintain the online version. To email them, please click here.