Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music


The following Metadata about each individual image is filed in the Database. Some of this is accessible through the existing website, other aspects of the metadata are under review and emendation, and will become available as each section is completed. Content under review is being corrected and updated from existing RISM or Census Catalogue data, and the first hand information provided by DIAMM photographers working with the sources. Information not accessible online is limited to administrative data. Some content under review is not yet sufficiently complete to offer access online, but this will move to accessible and searchable status as soon as possible.

Library information

Available on websiteComing online 2007-10Not accessible online
Country and city
Archive name and address
Contact name
E-mail address of library
URL of library
FTP address of library
Licence numbers
Records of correspondence
Number of sources from the archive
Number of images from the archive
RISM siglum for library